Sony vs Fujifilm Part 7 – Fix your ISO numbers, Fujfilm

I know what the immediate responses from the Fujifilm fans will be, there were 3 or 4 excuses on why Fujifilm isn’t mis-stating their ISO: different ISO standards used, shadow values in raw files not being read… the list goes on. I’ve seen them, don’t really care.

You can call it what you want, but when almost every other brand is reading their ISO differently, you have to ask yourself why Fujifilm is doing things differently AND why they continue doing it despite having it pointed out in so many articles, blogs etc. Is it using other standards or falsely elevating their ISO just to make themselves look better. Currently it looks like the latter.

The thing is, Fujifilm has respectable high ISO performance so there is absolutely no reason for them to elevate their ISO unnecessarily, or try pretend it’s better than it is. The difference between APSC and full frame is about a stop. It’s not benefitting their user base when the image comparisons show Fujifilm coming out looking better than it is, because sooner or later users realise the camera is shooting at higher ISO’s than expected. This leads to a user feeling they’ve been cheated.

Let’s be honest hoere, having a base ISO of 200 on most of their cameras which is really ISO100 makes no sense and it’s also confusing to users.

So Fujifilm, it’s time to fix your fake ISO, line it up to the rest of manufacturers. We don’t care about what standards you’re using anymore.

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