My Work/Gallery

I do a mix of genres with my core focus on sports, portraits and camera gear, the latter due to my blogging where I have to take photos for the website. Here are some samples of my work:


Sports is where I started my photography. I do a mix of Kitesurfing, Skateboarding and Standup Paddleboarding. I also get involved in a number of volunteer charity events through the year as a volunteer photographer for the Cancer Council Victoria, including Paddle Across the Bay and Kite Across the Bay.

I shoot primarily with my Sony 16-35mm f/4, 24mm f/1.4 and 100-400mm. When I am shooting wide in the water, it’s normally with a Seafrogs waterhousing.

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On occasion I find myself shooting portraits with models, all TFP at the moment. TFP is a collaboration between models and photographers to produce photographs for their portfolios.

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I never got into photography with the intention of taking child photos, it was originally all about sports, but as my kids appeared, my opportunities for sports photography dried up and I spent more time taking photos of the family.

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Stock/Camera gear photos

When I started blogging about cameras, I had to learn how to take photos of cameras. Most of my photos are taken with charcoal cardboard as it offers the cleanest look.

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I’m not a landscape person, never have been, probably as a result of not wanting to get up and watch the sunrise which is when the best photos occur. On occasion you find the right scene that you have to photograph and that’s where these photos come into play. It’s either being on holiday

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This is a mix of other random crap that doesn’t fall into any of the other areas. These may include personal interests (motorcycling, holidays etc)

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