Sony and Fujifilm? What’s your battery story?

Fujifilm and Sony have both embarked down a path which concerns me. For the first time we are seeing camera manufacturers warning users not to use third-party batteries in their cameras with a nice little warning message popping up on their cameras.

Now I have no issue if there are legitimate concerns, but excuse me if I have a health dose of scepticism when it comes to believing them for a couple of reasons:

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The Sony A7iii vs Fujifilm X-T3


I caught up with a good mate over the weekend, and as a Fujifilm user, he had the latest X-T3 so we decided to swap cameras to allow us to play around and get our thoughts. He’s already penned his thoughts here so feel free to have a look at the different perspectives.

It was a great opportunity to see where the camera designs were going and I put together my thoughts on the two. This isn’t a feature comparison, just some thoughts comparing where the two cameras are in their life cycle.

Some of these photos are snapshots, the review wasn’t intended to showcase the best of these cameras, it was a casual outing with a friend and our kids in bright midday sunlight, not exactly ideal conditions, but I have thrown in some other samples as well.

My knowledge of shooting video is somewhere between zero and nothing, so please don’t expect any video related comparisons.

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Is it any surprise female photographers feel uncomfortable?


I had a mystifying experience on the Sony A7iii group run by SonyAlphaRumors.

Someone posted a photo of some ladies dressed in sailors outfits. The photo and pose weren’t to my taste but it was “safe for work” from a photographic perspective so the photo itself wasn’t the problem. What I found insane was the responses to the photos from the so-called amateur and professional photographers in the group, some of which run photography businesses.

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How to get Fujifilm classic chrome with a Sony A7iii or other Sony Cameras

When I first made the shift to Sony, one of the concerns I had was about the loss of Fujifilm’s Classic Chrome, one of my favourite film simulations and probably the only one I use on a regular basis. It wasn’t a show stopper, but I really like the subdued colours for days where I am shooting in midday sun and can’t avoid it.

Fortunately, moving to Sony doesn’t mean the end of Classic Chrome, or many of the other simulations, which can be replicated in some form. Obviously it’s not a perfect science, but I thought I would would put out something so other people don’t don’t through the process as well:

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Goodbye Fujifilm

Yeah, I know, it’s a shock. If you’re a Fujifilm user and you got here by accident, have a look at for a backup of all the articles.

I was a happy Fujifilm user, so I haven’t departed because the grass is green on the other side. I’m not going to be negative about Fujifilm gear, I still love it. I like the retro styling, I like the aesthetics, I like the quality, I like the controls. I probably would have bought the 8-16mmF2.8 and 200mmF2.

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