Choosing between Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 vs 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6


To kick things off, let me say there are no winners or losers. This is like a competition between toddlers at pre-school where everyone gets a prize. This isn’t a direct technical comparison between the two and it isn’t about proving you should buy one in particular. This is about guidance on how I made the choice between the two.

The Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 vs Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 is a common problem choice in cameraland particularly when it comes to sports. It’s not really as simple as putting a converter on the 70-200mm and putting them side by side, they perform differently with and without the converter. For me personally, the 100-400mm was my answer, but like anything, it isn’t the same answer for everyone, hence the reason this isn’t a one paragraph article.

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Wandrd Prvke 21 Review


Wandirit…wanderierier…wanduriddd…yeah, that’s what it looks like. Apparently it’s said Wandered Provoke but for some obscure reason, the designers forgot to add vowels to their bag, maybe letters cost money. I assume it’s an artistic novelty but it does make it a little hard to recommend the bag to a mate when his spell check keeps screwing up the name.

Yeah, Wandered but without the e’s. No, you still keep the A. Yes, I know it makes no sense. And the model name is Provoke without the o’s. Yeah, they don’t seem to like o’s either, but A’s are okay. P . R . V . K . E…no, it still gets an e in the Prvke in the model name, they just don’t like e’s in the company name…ah screw it, buy a ONA bag.

Obviously it’s a light-hearted but when I first saw the name, I thought they were some Swedish company that hadn’t translated their bag names into english.

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The importance of using good displays


I saw a thread in one of the Sony groups where people were posting their desktops. It was the usual mix of machines, Windows and OSX, desktops and laptops, nothing out of the norm for photographers except for one little discrepancy. What struck me as odd was the focus on power over quality.

You may think I am talking about Mac vs PC but hopefully the title was a giveaway. When it comes to post processing photos, one of the most important considerations is the display because ultimately you are editing colour and to edit colour, you have to know that colour is accurate. The irony is that people select their cameras because of the relatively minor differences in colour, they complain that some lenses offer differences in colour, and they complain that the white balances of a camera has a big impact.

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Sony Fanboys, the worst kind?

I previous wrote about the Sony fanboys being the worst, this is a follow on rant. Understand, as a Sony user, this is the one thing that frustrates me, and there isn’t that much to complain about with Sony. As time goes on, I can’t help feeling Sony has become the BMW of camera companies, attracting the worst kinds of owners, the kinds of owners the rest of us Sony users don’t want to be associated with. In the case of BMW (at least in Australia), it was the kinds of drivers that are selfish, opinionated, arrogant, never use their indicators, think that speed limits don’t apply to them, and think they can park in the handicapped zone because they can afford a decent car. It’s the crossover of a select few where having a little money turns them into an immediate douchebag. 90% of BMW drivers seem perfectly capable of buying a BMW and behaving like normal human being but the 10% are scraped from the bottom of the gene pool.

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Backup backup backup


We all get reminded about backups regularly, and many seem to forget until the problem occurs so I thought it was a timely reminder to do backups, and not just one, many where possible.

I had my primary hard drive fail on Friday evening. It’s a solid state and like anything, they aren’t immune to failing. It’s a 2015 model so it would be going on about 3.5 years old, just outside of warranty. I’m not going to question whether it should be covered, 3 years warranty is about the usual you’d expect these days so having a hard drive fail on 3.5 years isn’t something I can blame on the manufacturer. Sometimes these things last 10 years, sometimes not.

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TTL vs manual – stop telling people to buy manual strobes!

It’s strange how technology moves on and people still revert to old advice. I’ve seen it occur through many types of technology.

It occured with DSLR’s, the naysayers proudly proclaiming that digital would never be good enough long after DSLR’s became pro ready. Ask for advice on whether to get a DSLR and they would still be spouting their film isn’t dead mantra, how. shooting DSLR made you lazy, and any other excuse they could come up with.

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