I was wrong and I get it now – The instagram dilemma

I wrote an article previously about why I wasn’t planning to split my Instagram accounts. The logic was simple, “I don’t care about what other people think about my accounts because it’s a reflection of where I am at as a photographer”.

In theory it sounds great, and as someone not worrying about ever taking an account down a commercial path but there was one minor issue with my plan. After discussions with a friend is who an Instagram guru, there are times when you want to constrain your account and it’s not about followers and what people think of your account, it’s something different which is the value you get out of your account.

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Peak Design – It’s time to stand on your own two feet

I enjoy Kickstarter. It’s great to see the innovations that appear from new companies looking to get themselves out into the market.

I’ve invested in a number of products over the years, many of them photography related, and ultimately they have all been successful. Not perfect, but they delivered what the promise.

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Shimoda Backpack Review


A mate and fellow photographer, Greg Cromie, offered help me get some photos as obviously it was hard for me to get photos of myself wearing the bag. A big thank you to Greg for taking the photos of me, you can follow him on WordPress. He has some great articles and regularly posts to this site.


Photo by Greg Cromie

In doing this review, I haven’t posted some of the more detailed product shots of the inserts or interior of the bag. You can get decent quality version in perfect light from Shimoda’s website, so if you want to check out every nook and cranny of the bag, I suggest you do it there.

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Lumu – pricing themselves out of the market

I was looking to get a light meter so I decided to investigate something called a Lumu, which is an iPhone lightning attachment based light meter. It’s a clever concept, you get a small attachment that looks like the top of a light meter and attach it to the lightning connector on your iPhone.

Great? Actually not so great. It’s also the same price as a Sekonic Light Meter, and not just the cheapest one, a decent one like a Sekonic L478-D from a reputable seller on eBay. No option to get a cheaper Lumu on eBay so that’s not the issue.

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Dear Youtube – Why don’t you take harassment seriously?

When a popular Youtuber starts sending you abusive emails…not just insults, but the kind of emails that insult mentally handicapped people, you would expect youtube to take this seriously?

Apparently not. Youtube doesn’t respond to complaints. You can log them, just don’t expect to get an answer.

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A mini-rant about Apple

I’m an Apple user so I walked into a retail store today as I felt it was time to switch from my Macbook Pro to an iMac. The challenge? Apparently no-one at Apple thought that any customer would want any machine above base spec in their store, and base spec is pretty damn dismal. You can get no less than 6 models of iMac with 8GB of ram and their crappy fusion hybrid drive, but absolutely ZERO with 16GB and an SSD unless you go for the iMac Pro. And remember, to upgrade the ram or drive on this takes an electronics degree, so it’s not like you can just take off one screw and slot in some more ram!

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Artisan & Artist ACAM-77 Soft Leather Pouch Review


As usual, I tend to incorporate a long introduction to explain my buying process and why I picked something specifically over the 100,000 alternatives on the market. If you’re not into longwinded introductions and don’t care why I picked this specifically, feel free to skip over this section.

The challenge with the X-E3 is that if you want to carry it around in your laptop bag, there isn’t the availability of hard cases you can find for the X100. Even the X100 series is not without its problems the moment you add a hood, thumb rest or grip as this has the potential to complicate the options.

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