The AIPP and Lisa Saad

The AIPP has taken a lot of abuse in recent years, much of it justified due to the legacy of bad management. I won’t go into those details, it’s not appropriate to dwell on the past in this case.

When the Lisa Saad saga hit the headlines with the claims of plagiarism, there was a lot of abuse directed to the AIPP as a result of this legacy. If you want more details of what the Lisa Saad saga was about, go to the website where the entire history is listed out along with the offending images. As a side note, I want to give credit where it’s due and congratulate Corey. Corey Doyle Balazowich managed to expose the level of plagiarism that transpired, something that might have otherwise continued for years to come and in doing so allowed Marcel van Balken to receive the credit he deserved for his image which was taken without his permission.

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Sony vs. Fujifilm Part 1 – Fujifilm should open their lens mount

When you move from one brand to another, some issues become glaringly obvious.

For me, one of the most obvious differences was the open lens mount. When I started looking at lenses, there were options from Sony, Sigma, Zeiss, Tamron, Samyang… and that’s just the autofocus ones with a native mount. If you had an AF adapter, suddenly you had more from Canon and other brands.

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Sony vs Fujifilm – What Fujifilm can learn from Sony and Sony can learn from Fujifilm (X-T3 vs A7iii)

Over the coming months, I thought I would put together a list of articles about what these two brands can learn from each other, in an effort to steer away from the whole X-T3 vs A7iii arguments that seem to have become the usual click bait these days.

I know people are going to get offended with whatever I write, that’s the nature of camera gear these days. This is not intended to be a personal attack on either, simply some learnings offered based on my experience with both because both have the opportunity to improve in a variety of ways.

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Using Godox with the Sony A7iii/A7riii


I’ve written this article as there seems to be a gap in the information provided by Godox specific articles, videos and Sony flash articles with specific reference to the Godox system and how to use it with Sony cameras. Like any camera system, there are unique ways the lighting system works and this can be confusing for many people.

I’ve noted this is specific to the A7iii and A7Riii, however, this is due to these being the only two Sony cameras I have. As a result, I can’t test it across the entire range of Sony cameras. It may or may not be applicable, feel free to try it out, it won’t break anything.

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Sorry, Sony Australia – 2 out of 20 simply isn’t good enough!

Sony released its list of Sony Advocates, and the list was a little surprising. Two out of the twenty were female, one out of fifteen at the time of going to press! A year ago Nikon was taken to task because put together a list of photographers that included no females. Sony’s marketing department must have a short memory because this situation was always going to cause problems for them. That works out at 10%, hardly a real representation of their clientele.

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Solving ONA’s glaring omission

We all know ONA bags. Awesome, incredible, beautiful, I have the Prince and Bowery in antique cognac and I love them. The craftsmanship is amazing and the leather is beautiful.

But water doesn’t love them. Leather and water is always a bad combination, like mixing medicine and heavy machinery, or alcohol and skydiving. If you want to destroy a leather bag quickly, take it out into the rain. I have no doubt your equipment will survive, the leather is thick and it will take a while for the water to penetrate, but that’s only part of the problem. When you are paying the sort of money you are for ONA bags, I expect the bag to survive unscathed as well.

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