Wandrd DUO Daypack (via Shotkit.com)

This is a review I put together for shotkit.com

The Wandrd DUO Daypack serves a particular crowd…

Which crowd? Well, there’s a large proportion of photographers that will never take on a full-time career in photography.

Some of us would love to take it on as a career, but the photography market isn’t lucrative enough. As a result, we do our non-photography work during the week and take on our photographer alter egos on weekends.

For others of us, it’s more about appreciating the creative freedom to choose when and how we do our photography.

If someone wants us to take of photo of them naked on a horse holding a dog, we can say no.

Whatever your reason for eschewing a full-time photography career, you probably don’t need to be lugging around tons of gear.

Maybe you’re a laptop user that commutes with a bag every day and only likes to take your camera with you occasionally, or only takes a small body and lens. In cases such as those, this may just be the camera and lens backpack you’ve been waiting for.

The Wandrd DUO Daypack is a laptop bag that allows for occasional camera storage but doesn’t waste the space dedicated for camera storage like many of the bags on the market.

I know what you’re thinking… companies have done that before.

Not like this they haven’t…

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