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I hadn’t built a PC for about 15 years before venturing into this. That’s a long time in PC land. The last time I built something, fans were tiny, and hard drives spun.

For the last 15 or so years, I’ve been a Mac user for photo editing, and for the most part, I’ve been happy. It didn’t bother me too much when Apple went Unibody and updates became confined to RAM and hard drives.

The problem is that it didn’t stop with that. The Apple tax rose, and the decisions seemed to be pushing consumers down a path where the wastage was insurmountable and the price premium wasn’t justifiable.

I won’t bore you with my evaluation process of Apple gear; suffice to say that when they started producing $7,000 displays with $1,000 stands, it became clear that Apple was no longer making computers for photographers like me. So I decided to go down the PC path.

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