Why does Sony have so many “#&%$ you” users?

Not sure what it is with Sony, but wow, the user base never ceased to surprise me. I’ve yet to see a camera user based filled with the same degree of self obsessed assholes, for lack of a better word.

Why do I say this? Well simple. I commented previously on wanting a larger Sony body. Let’s be clear, this isn’t something I want across the entire range of cameras. I want one body in the range to have a grip that is large enough that your baby finger. Sony have 5 ranges of bodies currently, the A7, A7R, A7S, A7C and A9, all of which have tiny bodies.

The general perspective is that if you want a bigger body, put a grip on it. The problem is grips are generally terrible. They create a bigger body that is still wafer thin with a decent body shape making it ergonomically uncomfortable.

So where does my complaint come into play? Well, put one post up asking for a single slightly bigger body from Sony and the “#&%$ you” clan appear in their hoards. The “#&%$ you” clan, believe that every camera Sony makes should be targeted uniquely at them. If Sony makes a camera they don’t like, it’s a mistake. That A7C? Mistake. Not because it’s small, but because they aren’t a vlogger and it makes no sense for Sony to make cameras for vloggers when they aren’t a vlogger.

Now, personally, I am not a vlogger, but I appreciate that Sony had to make a professional vlogging camera. What I don’t appreciate is that EVERY camera Sony makes seems to consider that users want something small. It’s like Apple’s obsession with wafer thin desktops that make no sense.

I appreciate that when Sony got into mirrorless, size was a thing, but for professional users with big lenses, size isn’t as important. Performance, reliability etc are critical and when you try to make a body wafer thin, we see issues like the infamous A7 shutter issue.

So why are these people worried about a bigger camera? My guess is simple, if Sony produced a big camera it might actually be damn good and they are worried about FOMO. Their need to be an asshole is driven by their selfish need to know every camera Sony produces is one they could buy.  God forbid there is a camera they don’t need, the world would crumble at their feet.

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