The era of the fanboys – are sony fanboys the worst?

You have to love the internet, it’s an incredible place where you find all sorts of people….and the fanboys. Lots of fanboys.

Yes, they love to hide around every corner justifying every issue their technology may have on the basis that the average consumer is either wrong, or the company in question put it there on purpose.

In the days of Apple, we saw the fanboys justifying the lack of features that exist in the iPhone today. It was normally some obscure excuse like “most users don’t need that”. Suddenly they appeared on iPhones and they were amazing, the greatest thing ever created. But before that, it wasn’t an important feature. Before you ask, no, I’m not an Apple hater, I have an iPhone, and I’m typing this on a Mac. I like Apple gear, just not the blind fanboyism.

Today we see it in many areas. We saw it with mirrorless and Canikon. Mirrorless was terrible, useless and a passing fad…until Nikon and Canon got into the race…now it’s awesome. We saw it with Fujifilm users and IBIS. IBIS was unimportant, a feature for novices, until Fujifilm got it. Sony definitely isn’t immune. Their fanboys sound like they got injected with Sony genes at birth, or have shares in the company.

We are talking about fanboys and sadly, I’ve seen Sony fanboys defend many of Sony’s problems on the basis that they either don’t exist, are intentional, or use a “different logic”. Someone tried to tell me Sony’s terrible menus were as a result of some obscure Japanese cultural problem with how the write…except none of the other Japanese cameras have that problem so it makes no sense. I’m still waiting for the day when a Sony fanboy tries to tell me that the overheating problems are really a handwarming feature from Sony for users in cold climates.

Having lived in Nikon land, Fujiland and now Sony land, I can you emphatically that I think the Sony fanboys are the worst. They go to church, pray to Sony, go home and eat Sony,at which time, they put on their Sony Pyjamas and dream Sony. If Sony made Cocaine, they’d be snorting it.

So if you find yourself defending coming up with really stupid reasons why your camera is missing functionality, you’re probably a fanboy.

2 thoughts on “The era of the fanboys – are sony fanboys the worst?

  1. Sony Fans make up Fake Conspiracy Theories in order to distort gaming history.Nintendo is afraid to speak out against the Sony Fans because they would threaten thier Business


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