Sony vs Fujifilm Part 4 – Sony needs to fix the sub-standard menu system

For those who have never used a Sony camera, the feature set is amazing but it has a menu system that feels like it was designed by a 18yr old crack addict after mixing LSD and Heroine and 72 hours of sleep deprivation. That’s what I would assume occured, as it seems to follow a pattern that not even a military cryptographer could resolve.

To make matters worse, Sony has made the obscure decision to make the navigation path down, across, down, across, in a way that still has you confused no matter how you get used to it. There are options shifted all over the place, flash settings in more than one place.

Yes, you can use button assignment and yes, you can add stuff to my menu, but it’s a poor excuse for a menu system that is horrendous by my standards.

This video does a good job of highlighting where the problems are, as a result, I am not going to replicate the kinds of issues raised in this video:

Sony, fix your menu system. It wouldn’t be that hard. Even the suggestions in this video would go a long way to resolving them.

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