Snowboarding/Skiing with the Sony 100-400GM

I’ve always loved my Sony 100-400mm GM but it was only in Saalbach, Austria that I got to full appreciate how good this lens is.

I’d been wanting to get out for a photography session with Snowboarding and Skiing for a while but sadly the Australian conditions aren’t that suitable for it. The Austrian conditions on the other hand were absolutely perfect. Continue reading “Snowboarding/Skiing with the Sony 100-400GM”

New firmware – no coloured AF points. Bad Sony!

A new firmware has arrived for the A7iii and A7riii and as usual, Sony like most camera manufacturers have proved that they are bottom feeders when it comes to customer service. The single most requested feature for the A7iii and the A7Riii is the ability to change the colour of the focus point. The current focus point is green and grey and users want the ability to select red as an alternative because it’s hard to see them under certain conditions. To confine this as an “upgrade feature” is simply ludicrous. It’s not groundbreaking technology. It’s a change to AF … Continue reading New firmware – no coloured AF points. Bad Sony!

Why Tamron’s strategy makes sense

There have been a lot of complaints about Tamron with “strange focal lengths” and their line of zoom lenses for Sony. 17-28mm, 28-75mm and now 70-180mm. There are also some complaints about the f/2.8 lenses.

With the zooms, they are unusual focal lengths. I think most of the talk will be spent focussing on the missing focal lengths than what is right, and there is a lot Tamron is doing right. Continue reading “Why Tamron’s strategy makes sense”

Dear Sony Users – It’s not Apple’s fault you can’t update your camera

Recently the forums and facebook groups have been littered with complaints about Apple. Yes, the evil people at Apple made their software incompatible with a whole heap of other software, and it’s all their fault. Except its not. Nearly a … Continue reading Dear Sony Users – It’s not Apple’s fault you can’t update your camera

Why Sony’s A9ii strategy​ makes no sense

There have been a floury of Sony apologist rushing to defend Sony with the disappointed fan base and the A9ii release.

The excuses provided have been along the lines of:

  • Sony needed a better backend workflow for professional users
  • The A9 was good enough that not much was required
  • This camera is dedicated to a small portion of the user base that needed it
  • Users were expecting too much
  • This is only a sports camera

Continue reading “Why Sony’s A9ii strategy​ makes no sense”

Taking camera photos on a budget

I’m often asked how I get my gear photos. People like showing off their gear and as a result, camera photos have become more popular.

There is obviously a lot of work (and gear) that goes into good stock camera photos, but there are also ways to produce good photos on an extremely low budget. When I say extremely low budget, I mean under $10 assuming you have the camera and lens to take the photo and another piece of gear you want to photograph.

Continue reading “Taking camera photos on a budget”

The A9ii – Are our expectations to high or did Sony fail us?

The A9ii announcement has come and gone. There has been a floury of people saying Sony under-delivered and a number defending Sony and saying the user expectations were too high.

So who is right? At the risk of opening myself up to criticism, when you have to ask the question “what has changed?” with a camera, then you have to accept that at least some of the criticism is valid. Continue reading “The A9ii – Are our expectations to high or did Sony fail us?”