New firmware – no coloured AF points. Bad Sony!

A new firmware has arrived for the A7iii and A7riii and as usual, Sony like most camera manufacturers have proved that they are bottom feeders when it comes to customer service.

The single most requested feature for the A7iii and the A7Riii is the ability to change the colour of the focus point. The current focus point is green and grey and users want the ability to select red as an alternative because it’s hard to see them under certain conditions.

To confine this as an “upgrade feature” is simply ludicrous. It’s not groundbreaking technology. It’s a change to AF points that allows improves the user experience and ultimately ensures that the users get better outcomes.

It never ceases to amaze me that camera manufacturers can go out of their way to breed disloyalty amongst their own customer base and then wonder why customers jump between brands. How are customers supposed to be loyal when brands use features like this in an attempt to extort new camera sales?

And yet, they’ll give you something you didn’t ask for like Animal Eye-AF but they won’t give you something the majority of users want. It’s a mystery as to who came up with that idea.

Before the Sony defenders come out in their hoards trying to trying to play up excuses for why Sony would not be able to achieve it, think about it for a seconds… they can do animal AF but not a different colour? Yeah, tell me another one.

Sony, it’s time to start listening to your user base. You may be increasing your market share, but Nikon and Canon will catch up.

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