Dear Sony Users – It’s not Apple’s fault you can’t update your camera

Recently the forums and facebook groups have been littered with complaints about Apple. Yes, the evil people at Apple made their software incompatible with a whole heap of other software, and it’s all their fault. Except its not.

Nearly a decade ago, Apple starting transitioning to 64-bit processors. The last two versions of Mac OS, Apple has provided warnings to the software developers that 32-bit apps would no longer be supported after High Sierra and Mojave.

It wasn’t a shock or secret move Apple pulled on the developers, Apple has been warning them for over a year. The app developers were simply too lazy or too busy to update the software.

So if you are wondering why your software update for your Sony camera doesn’t work, get in touch with Sony and tell them to pull their fingers out their asses and fix it. Don’t sit there whining about Apple, it’s not their fault.

The same applies to any other software that isn’t working on your computer. And if there is no update for a vital piece of software you use, it’s time to consider changing software providers to someone who keeps their software up to date.

If you think windows is going to solve the problem, remember one thing:

The removal of support for 32bit apps is for your own benefit, to ensure that apps run better and the operating system as a whole is less bloated.

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