Sony vs. Fujifilm Part 1 – Fujifilm should open their lens mount

When you move from one brand to another, some issues become glaringly obvious.

For me, one of the most obvious differences was the open lens mount. When I started looking at lenses, there were options from Sony, Sigma, Zeiss, Tamron, Samyang… and that’s just the autofocus ones with a native mount. If you had an AF adapter, suddenly you had more from Canon and other brands.

Fujifilm has good glass, but limited variety. Not happy with the 56mm f/1.2? The APD version maybe but having a more expensive version of the same lens isn’t vanity. You have the 90mm or maybe the 50mm with autofocus, but nothing in the same focal length. With Sony, you have the Sony 85mm f/1.8, Sony 85mmf/1.4, Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8, and Sigma ART 85mm. All of them are incredible lenses in their own right. 4 lenses within a broad price range! And that’s only the autofocus lenses and without taking into account the adapters for Canon.

A lot of people will be quick to say that Fujifilm’s glass is good, and it is. But variety is also important. The 56mm as an example isn’t weather sealed. It has slow autofocus. It’s also f/1.2 which is the equivalent of f/1.8 on full frame. Having more variety isn’t a bad thing. In Sony mount, lenses like the Tamron have had a tremendous impact on the market, slightly lower weight, lighter construction, the appeal for travel and amateurs having a f/2.8 zoom has been incredible.

Now, I will be honest and say I don’t know why there aren’t a selection of third-party lenses with autofocus for Fujifilm. The lack of autofocus lenses from the likes of Samyang when they have manual focus available makes me think that Fujifilm hasn’t opened the mount to third parties as none of the third party lenses I tried showed relevant EXIF data. That is the mistake that Fujifilm needs to fix along with a lens adapter for Nikon and Canon because that simple step opens the door to a selection of glass.

2 thoughts on “Sony vs. Fujifilm Part 1 – Fujifilm should open their lens mount

  1. I agree. Year after year Fujifilm release these award winning camera bodies such as the XT series – yet they seem reluctant or slow to match that pace with more of a lens variety. And it took them far too long to release the F2 Fujicrons at the smaller size and cheaper price to match customer needs.

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