Sony has no intention of notifying you what is in their camera updates

I followed up with Sony after some question marks on the battery warnings they “hid” in their firmware updates. My issues were simple:

  1. If this was to help users identify fake batteries, why is there no option to turn it off? There are plenty of after market batteries that are affected by this.
  2. If Sony were honest about helping users, why haven’t they notified users of the functionality change in their firmware description? After all, this was an “honest” attempt to help users.

Whilst I  do have an issue with manufacturers limiting third-party batteries as a whole, I have a bigger issue when they add the functionality through updates because what has worked perfectly is essentially handicapped by firmware. I also have an issue when they secretly embed this in an update, which can’t be reversed and don’t include the information in the firmware. That strikes me as pretty underhanded.

I could get no answer from them on either of these issues. There initial response was to try palm this off as “we don’t test our firmware with third-party batteries”, which is a “face palm” moment for me because the whole purpose of this particular piece of functionality requires them to test on third party batteries to see if the functionality actually works.

They avoided responding to any questions and the only thing I could get out of them was a battery discount offer for any new battery purchases, despite telling them I had been forced to purchase OEM batteries already. Customer Service 101 – Read the damn complaint. My Subsequent reply has gone unanswered after nearly a month.

What is clear is there is no commitment to even address the issue of notifying users what was included in the firmware, I’ve tracked to date and even that would have shown some level of committment from Sony to tell users what they are doing. From the looks of it, Sony have absolutely no intention of notifying users of this functionality in their updates because it promotes battery sales for them. If Sony decides to embed an update to disable a third-party accessory, from the looks of it, they won’t be telling you about it.

Sorry Sony, that’s pretty dismal for someone like you.

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