Lens aesthetics and third party brands

There is one thing that has always confused me about third-party manufacturers and that is their inability to apply lens aesthetics to each brand. Let me be clear, I’m not talking drastic redesigns here, I’m not talking about creating a retro looking lens for some brands and more modern for others, I’m talking simple colours.

I purchased a Laowa for my Fujifilm and the band on the camera was blue, which has absolutely no alignment to the Fujifilm cameras. Now with Sony, I have similar problems, although, it’s not unique to Sony, or any specific brand, it’s pretty much all of them. Laowa put on a blue band, Tamron put on a cream band, Samyang put on a red band, …the list goes on. If you’re shooting Canon and Nikon, the problems with be similar. The only brand with something neutral is Sigma where the ART series are black/white. How does this differ to the Tamron? They don’t put a white/cream band around their lens so the white is confined to writing and will tend to fit in to any camera.

Now I appreciate their attachment to the branding but they put a Samyang/Tamron/etc logo on, so what I would really appreciate more is if they actually aligned it to the brand of the camera so it at least looks like it was made for that camera. I.e. orange for Sony, red for Canon, gold for Nikon etc. I’m pretty sure the owners of the cameras would appreciate it more so it doesn’t look like we purchased our gear jumble sale. Its not exactly costly to do this change.

It may seem like a small first world problem, but these are little things that are easy to change for brands.

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