Capture One 12 released…and then the upgrade/new price shock

Yeah, that’s right, if you were unfortunate enough to buy Capture One for Sony in the last month or two, you’re stuck with an upgrade headed your way along with a price to boot. Not only have the prices jumped substantially, but the upgrade cost is substantially higher than a normal purchase.

As a recent switcher to Capture One, I have to say I love the software, but honestly, what the hell were you guys thinking on the price? You would have a lot more luck if you came in with something close to Adobe’s pricing model on the subscription.

I’m busy writing a comparison between Capture One and Lightroom, but for now, I won’t be recommending Capture One until they sort out their rediculous pricing. I also won’t be upgrading.

If you’re tied to an upgrade, have a look around, there are some 10% off deals going. if you aren’t, wait on bigger discounts, a boxing day sale or something that brings Capture One back to the realms of normality.

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