My new system

I’ve had some people emailing me for an update on where I’ve gone, what gear I’ve moved to, and what I think of it compared to Fujifilm. I’ll be popping up some reviews shortly, but I thought I’d give a run down of what I am using.

First and foremost, I moved to Sony. Yes, the evil dark lord where the cookie monster gives out free cookies. I didn’t move because of full frame although . I moved because outside of Fujifilm, Sony is the most mature of the systems.

20180920-DSCF8477 6000 x 4000

I’ve gone from 2 bodies and 10 lenses, to one body and 6 lenses, with some losses and gains to ensure I didn’t have to pay in anything short term. I’ve tried to keep my glass compact by staying with the smaller lenses. I’ve gone for some of the f4 zooms like the 16-35 f4, I’ve gone for the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 instead of the 24-70 which allowed me to stay the same size (and lower weight) as my fujifilm 16-55mm. I wasn’t happy with the 50-140 from a depth of field perspective

20180920-DSCF8509 4000 x 6000

Overall I’m happy, the glass selection was a little harder than I expected, but I think I got it right.

I’ll be covering some of the reasons in the coming weeks,

6 thoughts on “My new system

  1. I went the Sony route with the A7III and give back to Fuji after 4 month. It wasn’t fun anymore, and the PP time required with the Sony skin tones was no fun…
    Good luck


  2. I don’t know if you have old world film lenses Nikon, Mintola, Canon… the Sony gear performs rather well with adapted lenses. I have a 56mm f1.2 rokkor and the E mount for my Sony and find its quality exceptional. Yea it’s manual… but hell part of the fun Of using old world.

    Thanks for continuing you’re effort of keeping us informed of you photography world. Have fun with the Dark Knight of mirrorless cameras!



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