Why I am selling my Tamron 28-75 thanks to Fujifilm

Yeah, I know, it’s an overly dramatic clickbait title. There is no reason whatsoever to blame Fujifilm, but my time of shifting from zooms to primes occurred in my Fujifilm days so if I figured it would get people’s attention.

When I shot Nikon, I had the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm along with a couple of other primes like the 20mm and 50mm and 90mm macro. I’d heard so much about the 50mm f/1.4 that I got one but it never quite worked for me and I battled to get anything that really stood out. The 20mm was probably one of the few primes that worked for me but I never thought to try other primes because of my experiences with the 50mm. I honestly just thought it was a “prime vs zoom” thing rather than a focal length thing.

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From Fujifilm to Sony – How my glass changed

Glass is glass, or at least that’s what you normally think. To a large degree, you would expect the focal lengths to at least stay static, but that’s not always the case has my recent move from Fujifilm to Sony shows.
There are the obvious items, like the availability of lenses in specific focal lengths, If it’s not available, it’s not available, but that played less of a factor than I expected.

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Sigma 135mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art Lens for Sony E mount Review


When I lived in Fujiland, the Fujifilm 90mm (APS-C) quickly became favourite from a focal length perspective. I didn’t have a particular affiliation with the 135mm focal length, I think I originally picked up the 90mm because the AF speed on the Fujifilm 56mm was terrible for kids, but I fell in love with focal length and the compression after that.

With my move to Sony, I started with the Zeiss Batis 85 which is amazing, but after a while buying a 135mm seemed was a foregone conclusion, it was just a question of which one. The Zeiss Batis 135mm F2.8 would have been the logical choice, small and light, but us humans aren’t known for logical choices. This is how the bigger and heavier Sigma 135mm f1.8 ART found it way into my collection. I had a light portrait lens with my Zeiss 85mm Batis so I thought for this one I was going to purchase the beast, and a beast it is…beauty and a beast all in one.

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