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Sirui P-326 Monopod

Introduction When it comes to tripods, there are a few brands that everyone knows: Gitzo, Manfrotto, Vanguard, Slik, some like Gitzo are on the high end, some like Slik on the low end. Over the last couple of years, there have been some newer brands like Benro, Mefoto and 3

Godox TT350

Introduction Flash, or more specifically TTL & HSS has always been Fujifilm’s Achilles heel. Sure you could get HSS and TTL with systems like Cactus and Roboshoot, you could get some level of support, but it wasn’t native and required expensive triggers and receivers. Then the EF-X500 came out and

ONA Prince Antique Cognac Review

Introduction I’ve been wanting to look at an ONA Bag for a while. Call me a sheep, but after listening people whine incessantly about how much like they love their ONA’s has been extremely annoying. Part of me is inquisitive to understand what all the fuss is about (the other

Barbie Cam Review

Introduction As a amateur photographer and tech fanatic, I enjoy playing with new toys, particularly those that are in the technology space. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Mirrorless vs DSLR space, and forget to look around, but sometimes you need to realize there is a life outside

Pad & Quill Roll Top Backpack Review

I started looking for a new backpack for work a couple of months ago as I wanted to find a backpack , while still maintaining some form of retro modern look. This turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task. The challenge with backpacks is they aren’t really designed to

Tap & Dye Legacy Spring Clip Strap Review

Introduction Prior to getting my Fuji X-T2, I used a Black Rapid strap on my Nikon D750. A neck strap and a full frame body with pro glass is painful. With the arrival of my X-T2, I decided to go back to a neck strap as the small size of

ThinkTank Retrospective 10 Review

There were not many things I missed after moving from Nikon to Fuji. I missed my TTL Flashes, I missed my 1000+ shot battery life, and I missed my Think Tank Retrospective 20. I sold the retrospective 20 when I sold my D750. Fortunately I had my Retrospective 5 and

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