ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro v2.0 Review (Via

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There are a few brands that have become synonymous with camera bags. ThinkTank is one of those brands. Founded nearly 15 years ago, they’ve built an established following due to the quality of the bags they produce.

I don’t think you’ll find many photographers who don’t currently own or haven’t previously owned a ThinkTank item of some sorts. It’s almost like a rite of passage for being Protogs. I have a couple in my quiver, some of which I forgot to tell my wife about.

Today’s review is focused on perhaps the best camera backpack in their range called the ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro v2.0.

Within the Streetwalker range, there are four different size backpacks. The Streetwalker Pro v2.0 is the second smallest with the two larger models both offering laptop storage which the pro doesn’t have.

The V2.0 offers indicates the second iteration of this bag, or the “new and improved” version in marketing speak.

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