Writing for Shotkit.com

I wanted to let people know that the kind people at www.shotkit.com offered me the opportunity to do some writing and reviews for them.
It’s a great website run by photographers with a focus on gear so it’s great to be able to contribute to them.
I like their approach to articles and reviews. As an added bonus, it will give me access to more gear that I wouldn’t have access to due to their broad user base. As you probably guessed from the photo, a SpiderPro holster was sent my way to review. I’m looking forward to giving my thoughts on it as I already have some SpiderPro gear.
This blog will continue with articles and reviews, so I won’t be ignoring the blog. I’ll be putting content up in both locations but I will be creating some links to Shotkit articles and reviews as and when they get published.

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2 thoughts on “Writing for Shotkit.com Leave a comment

  1. Great to have you part of the team, Athol! Your writing and images are top-notch! Really appreciate the effort you put in to the articles. Looking forward to reading many more reviews from you 😉 Cheers


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