Speed TFP – The speed dating version of TFP

A fellow photographer I know came up with this idea of speed TFP. For those who don’t know what TFP is, it’s an arrangement between photographers and models that gives the photographers a chance to shoot models and the models get the photos for their portfolios.


The problem with this arrangement is that models and photographers are time poor. People have jobs, social lives and most would rather be doing paid work so when it comes to TFP, models and photographers try to keep it to a minimum. You still need to keep your portfolio rolling over to get new work so it’s a catch 22. Doing a shoot can easily take 4 hours out of your day with getting gear prepared, getting to location and then getting the photos and realistically you only get a handful of photos for your instagram because the model and the photography can’t throw on 10 photos that look to similar.


So @SavageFramezcame out with in interesting concept that is essentially a speed dating version of TFP. You pit 10 photographers with 10 models, with some time together to take photos, and as an outcome, the models get (hopefully) 10 sets of photos and different styles to update their portfolio with. You rotate locations so the models get 10 different locations, 10 different photographers, 10 different styles, at least that’s the theory.


The reality

So how does it work in practice? Very well!

My first one or two shoots were terrible as I normally have time to get to know models before a shoot, find a location that fits her, think about the style of photo we are trying to achieve. This on the other hand requires you to think on your feet, so I was like Bambi in headlights, and I probably owe the first model or two an apology. After the first two things got smoother and the outcomes were better. You get used to the idea that you are there for a purpose and you focus on getting that and thinking on your feet. The timeframes are so short that thinking on your feet is mandatory.


Have a look at the hashtag #savagemeet on Instagram and you’ll see the variety of styles coming out. Very different styles, some are heavier processors than others, but I guess that’s the advantage of a shoot like this, it’s the mix of styles you get all of which will suit models more or less.


What’s the catch?

There is always a catch isn’t there but these are not really catches, but things to think about if you do it.

  • Short time frames will limit clothes changes and so it’s best to setup clothes changes that are lightweight. I.e. a jacket you can throw on. Small changes with big effect work well.
  • You have a very limited time so prep-work is essential. I expected some fixed predefined locations but it was a large location where everyone went their separate ways looking for spots to shoot. I was caught a little off guard but I think I think it will be better the second time around so plan for one event where the results may not be perfect.


  • Accessorise – I know it sounds cheesy but small changes like sunglasses can alter the look for portraits and these kinds of things can make the world of difference in a short time frame. Reflections off glasses.
  • Have some pre-defined photos you are looking for rather than going in too open. For some of the shoots you may need to start off with these and
  • No strobes, constrain yourself to reflectors or you’ll run out of time.
  • Finding the person who can organise something like this. It’s not easy organising an event, making sure everyone shows up and you have enough models and photographers.
  • The real challenge will be finding a large number of locations that allow for this style of shooting with multiple people without getting in their way. Finding 5 is easy, but if you’re planning to do this once a month, it could be harder without going to the same location more than once.



Overall, I have to say I really like the style of event. Obviously the success of this type of event will come down to who organises it, but from my perspective, I think @SavageFrameZis onto a winner.


A big thanks to @SavageFramez for organising the event, and a big thanks to all the incredible models who attended this event including. They were amazing on the day and the consummate professionals to work with:

  • @angelroberts17
  • @angelicafogas
  • @Ashlyyy.jayne
  • @chloestrongxoxo
  • @jazzytiger
  • @naattyy00
  • @rajveersingh.art
  • @rosalinchris



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