Wandrd Prvke 21 Review


Wandirit…wanderierier…wanduriddd…yeah, that’s what it looks like. Apparently it’s said Wandered Provoke but for some obscure reason, the designers forgot to add vowels to their bag, maybe letters cost money. I assume it’s an artistic novelty but it does make it a little hard to recommend the bag to a mate when his spell check keeps screwing up the name.

Yeah, Wandered but without the e’s. No, you still keep the A. Yes, I know it makes no sense. And the model name is Provoke without the o’s. Yeah, they don’t seem to like o’s either, but A’s are okay. P . R . V . K . E…no, it still gets an e in the Prvke in the model name, they just don’t like e’s in the company name…ah screw it, buy a ONA bag.

Obviously it’s a light-hearted but when I first saw the name, I thought they were some Swedish company that hadn’t translated their bag names into english.

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