The Sony A1 – So close to perfection…but…

The year started with a bang for Sony. There are already declarations that Canon and Nikon are dead. As a Sony user, I think its a little premature to be ringing the bell. The affiliate linked reviews will be telling you that the new A1 is the best camera ever made, and the specs are compelling, but they are specs and specs don’t tell the whole story. The authors on the other hand are paid to tell you how good it is because the more you buy, they more they make. Continue reading “The Sony A1 – So close to perfection…but…”

The A9ii – Are our expectations to high or did Sony fail us?

The A9ii announcement has come and gone. There has been a floury of people saying Sony under-delivered and a number defending Sony and saying the user expectations were too high.

So who is right? At the risk of opening myself up to criticism, when you have to ask the question “what has changed?” with a camera, then you have to accept that at least some of the criticism is valid. Continue reading “The A9ii – Are our expectations to high or did Sony fail us?”