Sony Fanboys, the worst kind?

I previous wrote about the Sony fanboys being the worst, this is a follow on rant. Understand, as a Sony user, this is the one thing that frustrates me, and there isn’t that much to complain about with Sony. As time goes on, I can’t help feeling Sony has become the BMW of camera companies, attracting the worst kinds of owners, the kinds of owners the rest of us Sony users don’t want to be associated with. In the case of BMW (at least in Australia), it was the kinds of drivers that are selfish, opinionated, arrogant, never use their indicators, think that speed limits don’t apply to them, and think they can park in the handicapped zone because they can afford a decent car. It’s the crossover of a select few where having a little money turns them into an immediate douchebag. 90% of BMW drivers seem perfectly capable of buying a BMW and behaving like normal human being but the 10% are scraped from the bottom of the gene pool. Continue reading “Sony Fanboys, the worst kind?”

Sorry, Sony Australia – 2 out of 20 simply isn’t good enough!

Sony released its list of Sony Advocates, and the list was a little surprising. Two out of the twenty were female, one out of fifteen at the time of going to press! A year ago Nikon was taken to task because put together a list of photographers that included no females. Sony’s marketing department must have a short memory because this situation was always going to cause problems for them. That works out at 10%, hardly a real representation of their clientele. Continue reading “Sorry, Sony Australia – 2 out of 20 simply isn’t good enough!”

Is it any surprise female photographers feel uncomfortable?

I had a mystifying experience on the Sony A7iii group run by SonyAlphaRumors.

Someone posted a photo of some ladies dressed in sailors outfits. The photo and pose weren’t to my taste but it was “safe for work” from a photographic perspective so the photo itself wasn’t the problem. What I found insane was the responses to the photos from the so-called amateur and professional photographers in the group, some of which run photography businesses. Continue reading “Is it any surprise female photographers feel uncomfortable?”