A mini-rant about Apple

I’m an Apple user so I walked into a retail store today as I felt it was time to switch from my Macbook Pro to an iMac. The challenge? Apparently no-one at Apple thought that any customer would want any machine above base spec in their store, and base spec is pretty damn dismal. You can get no less than 6 models of iMac with 8GB of ram and their crappy fusion hybrid drive, but absolutely ZERO with 16GB and an SSD unless you go for the iMac Pro. And remember, to upgrade the ram or drive on this takes an electronics degree, so it’s not like you can just take off one screw and slot in some more ram!

We’re talking about a tech company that offers a retail operation, tries to tell people that SSD is the way forward, allows people to walk in and buy their products and absolutely no one thought that a customer might want to walk out with anything more than 8GB ram and a sub standard fusion drive? Who the hell buys a $3000 5K desktop and only specs it with 8GB ram? Who the hell buys a $3000 5K desktop and doesn’t actually put an SSD in it? Who maxes out the processor and doesn’t actually think to upgrade their ram or anything else?

I understand they can’t offer every conceivable spec for their iMac, but having one spec with 16GB and a SSD can’t be beyond the thought pattern of anyone in Apple’s demand planning department. Surely you could look at the most commonly ordered custom spec and say “Hey, why not keep one of those in every Apple store in case someone comes in looking for it”.

If anyone wonders why Microsoft is starting to take over Apple’s title as innovator, this is the classic example of what happens when idiocracy rules supreme at an organisation, over simplifying to a point where you lose customers.

Apple, time to wake up.

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